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October 12, 2017

I've recently added a couple of tutorials to my YouTube channel (Kingfisher Knits).  


I have also created tabs in the Menu Bar (up there) for these tutorials and for my podcast.


I made an in depth tutorial for Fixing Mistake in Brioche Knitting.  I go in to what different types of mistakes may look like (when starting out it can be tricky to spot some), and then I show you how I recommend fixing them.  I plan to upload tutorials of how to work brioche over the coming weeks. 



Just today I uploaded a video on my favourite tubular cast on method: the Italian Cast On.  This is fantastic for 1x1 ribbing and also for brioche stitch, creating a seamless and stretchy edge - I really recommend you try it if you haven't before.  It is a tubular cast on technique which does not require a provisional cast on! Score!



I hope those videos prove helpful - if you like them then subscribe to my channel to keep up to date and be sure to share and like the videos if you enjoy them! 


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