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I am a Brit, married to an Italian, with a serious passion for creating with yarn.  I was first taught to knit by my English granny (I still have jumpers she knit me which my daughter now wears).  But it was a few years ago now that I felt the need to rediscovered the skill, and effectively teach myself everything from scratch. Since then knitting (and crochet) have pretty much taken over my life!  My knitting patterns are for sale on Ravelry, and I offer tech editing and associated services for fellow knitting designers.


If you'd like to get to know me better, come watch my podcast on YouTube.

I have a healthy creative side, but I am also a lifelong academic (well my life so far), and my scientific side feeds well into my love of pattern optimisation, conveying information and concepts, my mathematical mind and a penchant for charts.  I very much like to use my skills and passion for creating the best patterns possible, both for myself and to help people achieve the best quality pattern and finished knitting that they can. I am always looking to learn new things, meet new people and grow the wonderful yarn centric world that we live in - well that I live in any way ;-)

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