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Sample and Test Knitting

I adore the process of creating a knitted garment/object.


I have experience in a wide range of techniques with a particular competence in stranded colourwork and lace knitting, but I also have experience with cabling, textured stitch patterns and working from written instructions and charts.  I am familiar with all commonly used techniques and I love that I am always learning more.


I always strive for the best possible outcome and my scientific nature means I enjoy following instructions methodically, and also experimenting when asked to see where that leads...!


With sample knitting I can use your yarn to your instructions, returning the samples to you and provide feedback if desired. For test knitting I typically use my yarn and keep the finished object while providing corrections and feedback on the pattern (and additional information, ravelry project page etc... as per requests).


Even if you're not sure what you want yet, get in touch and we can discuss what best suits your needs.

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