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On (and off) the needles No. 4

I cannot believe how long it has been since I last posted - I know why - but still, time has flown! The main reason I didn't add any updates is that I am working on several design projects, in various stages of development, and for the moment I cannot share pictures of them.... :-(

But, I can show you pictures of pretty yarn I got recently!

The top right is Posh Yarn Sylvia Sock (50/50 merino/silk, 4 Ply) in Kapow!, while all the others are Spinnwebstube Sockenwolle Twister and the colourways are 908 (grey), U157 (purple) and 933 (green/blue). Her yarn (Spinnwebstube) is local to me here in Zurich, and I've been wanting to knit with it for a while.

And I like to cake up yarn as soon as possible, that way, the moment I decide I want to knit with it, it is ready and waiting!


So, on to actual knitting. The main project I am working on is with Sweet Georgia Yarns which is super exciting....I am almost ready to ask for testers, so I will be posting for that (probably here and on Ravelry, maybe Instagram). Sweet Georgia will be offering yarn support to one that is also a bit special. The design is in CashLuxeFine AND Superwash Worsted. And relatively soon after that I'll be gearing up for testing for my second project with them.... :-)

I did want to share with you the design that I came up with when doing the Initiate Knit Design Challenge with Francoise Danoy of Aroha Knits - which was a lot of fun. It was my first time making my own mood board, and I'm not entirely sure how useful that is for me. I quite like looking at mood boards when submitting to magazines/yarn remains to be seen if I like making them myself. Francoise also ran the 5 shawls in 5 days challenge which I wrote about in my last post, and its worth keeping track of her Instagram posts as she offers all kids of tips, as well as lovely patterns!

Anywho, the design is still a work in progress, but I will be using the ideas I was developing during that challenge....

I have just received my yarn for this project (which is a collaboration with an Indie dyer) and I will hopefully be able to share some details soon :-) - its not grey!

On another note, I have finally started sock knitting in recent weeks (having finally got around to buying small enough needles) - and it didn't take long for me to become obsessed!

I have to actually stop myself just knitting on socks, as none of my designs are for socks (unsurprisingly since I just started). But I got a few pairs of baby socks done, and half of a pair of socks for myself :-)

I have been entering my adult sock projects in a few KALs (I have never taken part before). So I have entered the Knitting Expat's Expat Yarn KAL, Joeli's No Nylon Sock KAL and The Grocery Girls' Fancy Feet KAL. And seeing everyone else's projects just makes me want to cast on MORE SOCKS!

I think I will also post my, little, review comparing the sock needles which I have bought so far in coming weeks. But that is enough for now!

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