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Ondicelle and SweetGeorgia Pattern Giveaway!

I am super thrilled that my first design with SweetGeorgia Yarns is live on Ravelry. The whole process was truly enjoyable from conceiving the design to receiving the yarn, the rhythm of the knitting, seeing the photos and having my first pattern linked on Ravelry!

The inspiration for some of the designs from this fabulous collection was combining yarns of different weights and allowing them to support and enhance each other. In Ondicelle (which means "little waves" in Italian, and is pronounced on-di-cheh-lleh) the luxurious MCN, fingering weight blend Cash Luxe Fine combines with super squishy, worsted weight Superwash Worsted in gentle waves. The blend of the yarns and stitch pattern exudes luxury resulting in a truly sumptuous piece.

Some may be concerned about the idea of combining yarn weight, and I did have some questions about working the worsted weight yarn on the needle size also used for the fingering weight yarn. I am not going to say that it isn't a different experience, and it does take a few rows of working the pattern to get used to it, but the Superwash Worsted is such a lovely and springy yarn that working it on the smaller needles is not difficult. Also, in the body the worsted weight yarn is only ever worked for two rows at a time in any case, while the end sections are worked on larger needles.

The primary technique in this project involves making yarn overs, and then dropping them on the successive row. They do not count as stitches increased, but are used to make the elongated stitches. I've included a mini tutorial below for those who may want a little clarification.

1. In order to work a double (or a triple) yarn over, simply wrap the yarn twice (or three times) around the needle, rather than just the once for a standard yarn over.

2. When coming back to the yarn overs on the following row, the yarn overs are to be dropped, while the stitches which were worked on the previous round are to be knit. They are identifiable as they have a purl bump under the stitch, while the yarn overs do not​.

3. The yarn overs are dropped off the needle (as seen in right picture above) and then the stitch with the purl bump is knit.

4. Once each yarn over has been dropped and the stitches to be worked knit, you can pull down on the work to reveal the pattern created by the dropped stitches!

Pretty neat right?

Oh - and did I mention there is no increasing, decreasing OR purling in this project! Pure knit stitch fun! So check out the pattern, and the rest of the collection!

To celebrate the release of the stunning Fall with SweetGeorgia Vol. 2 collection SweetGeorgia Yarns have given me the opportunity to giveaway a pattern. The winner will win a pattern OF THEIR CHOICE from the collection. There are three ways to enter - and each person can enter once under each category, giving three entries total:

1. Leave a comment below - you must be logged on with Facebook and this gives me a way to contact you if you are the winner.

2. Follow me on Instagram (kingfisherknits) AND leave a comment on the post about this blog entry and giveaway.

3. Follow me on Twitter (@kingfisherknits) AND retweet my post about this blog entry giveaway.

The giveaway will run until Sunday October 9th at 12.00 GMT, then I will collate the entries and pick a winner by random number generator. I will contact the winner via the platform they entered. So get entering.... and GOOD LUCK!

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