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Spring with SweetGeorgia Giveaway and Budelli pattern release!

I am thrilled to announce that my latest design with SweetGeorgia Yarns has been released together with the Spring with SweetGeorgia Vol. 2 collection. The collection is just brimming with stunning pieces, which fill you with hope as the flowers start to bloom! If you are interested in winning a pattern of your choice from this collection, courtesy of SweetGeorgia, then be sure to read on!

Budelli is no exception. Inspired by the stunning beauty of the Pink Beach of Budelli, off the coast of Sardinia, Italy, this lacey, reversible stole enchants from start to finish. Savor the delicate filigree lace stitches, as if they were gentle waves on the pink sand...

Simple to knit, with an easily memorisable, rhythmic pattern Budelli is an endlessly wearable design. It's the perfect piece for a sweet spring evening, a wedding outfit or wrapped up around the neck as an elegant scarf!

In all the photos above (pink) the "wrong side" of the stole is shown, while in the modelled photo below (blue) the "right side" is shown. This pattern creates a piece that is just as beautiful no matter which side is on show, making it such an easy accessory to wear!

I really love working with SweetGeorgia - their yarn is exceptional and the selection of colours offered is unparalleled! I always get so excited waiting to hear what new colours there are to work with each season!

Budelli uses two skeins of SweetGeorgia's Bulletproof Sock - a fabulous 50/15/15/20 merino/silk/mohair/nylon blend - it is both soft and proven to be hard wearing, such a lovely yarn to work with. The sample shown above (pink) is in the Candy Floss colourway and I think it's delicate beauty is so well suited to such a pastel shade. But if you like something brighter then check out this wonderful Budelli Stole below, knit out of the Sapphire colourway by one of my lovely testers! (Thanks Hillary!)

SweetGeorgia have very generously offered to giveaway a free copy of one of the patterns from the collection (the winner gets to choose which they would like) so I am hosting a giveaway. To enter you can leave a comment below. Alternatively you can enter on Instagram (link to my Instagram feed is also on my homepage). There you need to follow me kingfisherknits, like my giveaway post AND a leave a comment on that post tagging a friend. You can even enter in both places so that you get twice the chance of winning!

I will draw a winner on Monday 27th March at 6 PM (CET - Zurich, Switzerland). Good Luck!

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