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Kingfisher Knits Podcast!

This has been a busy week, and with all the excitement of launching the Patronus Shawl I think I was no longer able to tell myself that doing a podcast was "never going to be possible". So I sat down with my laptop, recorded Episode one and uploaded. All in the space of about an hour!

It was never-wracking and thrilling and I am very glad that I did it. I know it is almost impossible that I will be a podcaster with a regular podcasting slot, but I have come to realise I am OK with that. I enjoy so much what I get from every ounce of involvement I have with knitting and the online knitting/fibre arts community, so I will take what I can get when I can get it.

I also think that for someone who finds it, generally, much easier to talk than to write. a Vlog/podcast is much more realistic a goal for me than trying to post regularly on my blog.

I will still make blog posts for announcements, and probably for each podcast episode, and also other content as and when I can manage it.

Anyway, if you like to watch knitting vlogs/podcasts then please check it out - I've put the video above, or you can click to see it on YouTube. Show notes for the podcast are here in my Ravelry group.

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