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I adore knitting, and I adore yarn.

I currently live in a country where I don't really (really don't) speak the language and therefore part of my knitting dream (involving teaching knitting and maybe even having my own yarn store!!) has to remain on the shelf. However....I have also come to realise in recent months that I want to be involved in creating knitting.

This lead me to get involved with test knitting which just confirmed to me that I would love to be more involved in knitting and to make knitting a bigger part of my life. Therefore, I have "launched" myself, for want of a better word, as a Designer and Tech Editor, and (at the moment at least) I'm also available as a Sample and Test Knitter.

I have read on Ravelry about how important a great relationship between a designer and their tech editors is, and how a positive partnership can be so rewarding. I would love to have such an impact on someone's life and business, and part of my mission is for knitting to reach as many people as possible.

I am also blessed/cursed with a scientific mind and I take great pleasure in consistency, conveying complex concepts to people in an understandable and enjoyable way and I really love maths - which can be a sticky point for some people. However, I also enjoy creating and this synergy of skills puts me in good stead to help at the border between creativity and conveying the message to people such that they can understand the creation...

I hope soon I will be able to release some of my designs and also be able to help others with their patterns ....!

Check out my services and whether you know what you need, aren't quite there yet or just want to say "Hi" get in touch.... or visit me on Ravelry


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